Not able to change options or tool bar in the tool menue

Nice to meet you,

I am new to this forum and hope to get the necessary information to solve my problem.

Got my license yesterday. Maybe I am a little unexperienced in DA, but I am not new to computers or software.

The menue items

  • show toolbar
  • change toolbar
  • show options

are disabled / greyed.

I am using a german version. Maybe the menue items are called different in die english version.

What could be the reason for this misbehaviour?



Hi, Nic. Those menu options are contextual. That it, they will be grayed out when one is looking at a window for which those commands would not be appropriate.

Example: Open a new search set. The menu options related to the toolbar are grayed out. They are not functional in this environment.

Now run a search that produces results. When stopped or finished, the window displays the list or digest of search results. Now the option Tools > Show (or Hide) toolbar is available, as is the option Customize Toolbar.

Thanks Bill for your reply.
This would mean, I am not able to transform the browsers toolbar to get a toolbar like I use in other browsers.

Correct, although DA displays some of the actions that are included in Safari’s Toolbar.

Note that in DA Preferences > Web you can enable tabbed browsing and set display of the tab bar.

Ok Bill, so far so good.

It will take some time to get handy with the sligthly different interface. The buttons are in “the wrong place”.