Not able to download certain files in DTTG3


I have DTTG3. Syncing is enabled through iCloud sync as well as bonjour on my iPad. The same settings are set on my iPhone. The files are originally on my mac which is always on.

Certain files on my iPad are greyed out and giving me the option to download it. When I click on download it seems that it starts downloading but after 0.5-1 second it returns back to the original state and looks like I never clicked the button. I can’t download the file. This is not the case for every to be downloaded file but only for certain files.

Please see the attached file what this button looks like.

However, when I try to download the exact same file on my iPhone (with the same settings it seems), it does succeed to download it. Therefore, I do think it has something to do with the settings in DTTG3 on my iPad?

What am I doing wrong? How to get the iPad to download this file?

Thanks so much in advance

Do both devices use the same sync locations? In addition, is a verification of the sync store(s) successful?