Not communicating with scanner

Another issue I have since upgrading my MacBook is that I can no longer scan. DT lists the scanner under Devices and shows me the scanning interface including letting me select the various options (doc feeder, colour/bw etc), but when I click on “Scan” I get: “Could not complete the scan operation, error communicating with [printer/scanner name]”.

I’ve tried restarting, and scanning works fine from Image Capture.

Any tips appreciated.

Providing information about the scanner you’re using and how it is connected as well as the various software versions (“upgrading my Macbook” doesn’t tell us anything about the OS you’re using nor about the DT version) might make providing help smoother.

Sorry. It’s an HP M479fdw connected via ethernet to an M3 Max MacBook Pro.

macOS 14.1.1, DTP 3.9.4.

The only thing that has changed in the setup is the laptop (previously an M1 MBP), and any point updates to the software since I upgraded laptops less than a month ago.

Perhaps a permission problem that can be fixed by one of the privacy or network settings.

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None that I could identify

Does the issue persist after rebooting the Mac?

Yes (see original post :wink: )

It was unclear if restart was referring to DEVONthink or the Mac.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Many thanks, I now have done.

Has there been any updates on this? I have the same problem with both my scanners (wifif coinnected Brother MFC and a USB connected Epson DS-530)

Just lodged a bug report as per BLUEFROG’s suggestion