Not fully maximizing

Hi there,

When I open a PDF within DT desktop and maximise it, it only expands around 90% of the way, the bottom 10% is missed off.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Is this by design or is there a setting that needs to tweaking to fully extend?



Version of DEVONthink and OS X?

PDFs are not truncated (i.e., “missed off”) by design. Pages show fully in the vast majority of cases. However, sometimes individual PDFs are corrupted – not by DEVONthink.

Every PDF? Or some PDFs? Of just this PDF? Does the PDF display correctly with Preview or PDF Reader or Acrobat?

Not easy to decipher what’s wrong in that screenshot – first, the link seams to be a dead link so maybe no one can capture and test the same thing. Secondly, no one knows what it is supposed to look like so it’s hard to tell what’s missing. If you have some good examples of the problem you’d be better off sending them to Support. The forum isn’t a great place to diagnose problems with particular files.

It happens happens to every PDF.

Here’s the link to URL where the PDF was captured from: … ecampaign/

I’ve recorded a short screencast showing:

The above screencast link didn’t work on Chrome for me but did on Safari strangely. At the end of the video, I click “Display Full Screen” which works but I would have thought it would work without doing that.

Ok, I’ll know for next time about emailing support.