Not importing all emails

I imported all emails from Apple Mail (in box and sent), using DT Pro Office, keeping threads together. No filter was used (imported all). When I search, there are clearly emails missing (I see them in Apple mail, but not DT). Any idea what I might be missing. Import seems to have gone fine, and number of emails in DT is about same as Mai.

An update: I decided to delete that database and start over. Created new database just for emails. Imported folder (Mindspring), which contains Inbox, Deleted and Sent emails, using Import All (with Import complete conversations and Group Threads).

It again appeared to import fine (about 15,000 emails total). However, there are again clearly some emails that are available in Apple Mail, but NOT appearing in the DT Pro Office database I created. Search does not find them, and I looked at the subject lines, since they are in alphabetical order, and don’t see them in the database.

Seems like a bug, but if any other thoughts, please let me know- thanks!

FURTHER UPDATE: I realized I should simply look at the number of emails in the mailboxes in Apples Mail, and the number showing up in DT after clicking on the folder in Import Emails… For my INBOX, there are 7,806 emails in Apple Mail, but only 7,793 show up in DT. For my SENT box, it’s much worse, with 6,730 showing up in Apple Mail, and only 4,412 show up in DT. So it appears there is some issue with DT Pro Office “seeing” all emails correctly. I double checked the filter, and nothing should be filtered out…

At the end of the import you see a report in the Log tool on how the import fared. What does it say?

Just tried again to import to a brand new database (after deleting and trashing previous email import). The log shows only 8 emails that were problematic. Last line of log states “2 failed and 957 previously imported.”

I assume the 957 previously imported perhaps refers to having kept threads together, so when importing my SENT box, many of those were already in threads from initial import of INBOX, but not sure.

At any rate SENT box shows 4883 emails in DT database, while Apple Mail shows 6750 actually in Mail app.

Well, I would not be sure of the counts in Mail. Sometimes the count it shows there is not the count that is actually in the database. Once I noticed that there were messages reported in Mail that were not at all present in any mailbox whatsoever, see this post: Leopard Mail and the Envelope Speed Trick.

You can also rebuild your mailbox, syncronize it and make sure all contents are cached locally before an initial import (check the online help on instructions).

I have done a lot of tests to make sure that we get all the data from a mailbox, if you miss so many messages and there are no error or duplicate warnings then they simply are not available.

ok- thanks much. I have finally nailed down the issue… I have a couple different “accounts” in Mail (basically personal and business). In DT Pro Office, I clicked on the main folder (called “Mindspring”, my ISP) and imported. Within that folder is “INBOX” and “SENT”… I thought that had ALL “SENT” mail.

However, I now see that in Apple Mail, while the “SENT” folder contains ALL sent emails (in both personal and business), in DT, I had to click on a separate folder to import the SENT mail from the account. After doing so, all is well.

So it was a minor difference in how these are organized that caused my confusion, but it imports fine. Thanks again for great support!