Not possible to navigate to a folder import email messages?

I want to import Apple Mail messages from a directory not in use by Mail. [The directory contains folders and files from my previous POP account that I cannot get Mail to import or recognize when copied over in the Finder.] It appears DEVONthink allows import of messages only from the account in use.

If the option of importing UNIX mail boxes is selected navigation is possible, but I don’t see how when the Apple Mail mailbox option is selected.

Is that right? If so, it seems an unnecessary restriction.

Tried copying the folders into the directory in use. Like Mail, DEVONthink refuses to recognize their presence.

One assumes there is a good reason. Is there? They show up real clear in the Finder.

Is there a solution to my problem?

I’d suggest reading the Help file’s explanation of mail import. For example:

(“This window” is the Mail import window.)

BTW, Unix Mailbox is for mail apps such as Thunderbird.

Thanks for the reminder, Korm. Glad to hear there’s an option. I’ll check it out. I do think, though, that it would be convenient to provide the same capability of browsing folder’s with Apple Mail as with UNIX mail boxes.

Forgive my intemporance. The confusion resulting from being switched from a POP account to an IMAP account has resulted in a lot of wasted time over the last few days when I’ve been trying to finish off a number of projects and get ready to leave for vacation tomorrow.