Not recive any license


I upgraded from DEVONthink pro to office two days ago and have not received any serial number yet. I send a mail to the support and recived an answer and my old serial-number. After that no response on my email and no serial-number.

I don’t know but it’s a strange way to meet your customers.

So I try to cancel my order. We see what happen.

Any experiences out there?

//Kaj Erixon

Everybody from the company is currently here in Malta (offline most of the time since Malta is relatively free of public WiFi) for a company gathering, therefore we are not able to monitor what’s going on as good as we normally do. We’ll check what’s going on.

Guys, a lot of SPAM, some of it quite obnoxious, is appearing in the Forum and its RSS Feed.

You should have left somebody minding the store!

I kinda like company meetings. I get to see people lose their shit because someone wants to refinance their home :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m sure, the whole company is jumping around, celebrating devonthinks new v2. and next week, when that guys are back at their own desks – tada!! dtp 2.0 will be presented.

no. i’m not a daydreamer. generally :smiley: