Not Searching?

I’m still fairly new to DA, but have been using it for the past two months or so. But today, when I put in a search term I got zero documents; yet, when I put in the exact term in Google I got what I was looking for. I tried this several more times, alternating the search structure but, each time, Google produced and DA yielded zero documents. The search term was simple: it was a person’s name accompanied by one other identifying word. Now, DA is still “working,” but I was under the impression that it should search (more efficiently, of course) or be capable of doing very simple and very complex searches. Am I missing something?

Which search set (see pop up menu of search field) did you use? And did you modify additional settings (see drawer of search windows)?

At the moment, I’m not at my computer with DA so I can’t specifically answer (assuming that I understand the terms you used). But I can unequivocally that I’ve made no changes to DA from the time that I downloaded it; so, whatever are the default categories for the two questions you’ve asked are the applicable categories.

okay, my search set was set to internet fast scan and no particular plug-in had been chosen. i reviewed the tutorial on search sets and set up some parameters and was thus able to find what i was looking for; but it still seems to me that the search i initially submitted should have yielded some of the info. not sure why it didn’t, but, again, i’m new to all this and may be missing some subtleties. thanks.