Not Trusting the Email Importer

Twice now I’ve run the email importer and told it to Archive. When I check emails are missing from the import. No matter how many times I run the importer these emails do not come over. The log simply says these emails where previously imported, but the fact remains that they are nowhere to be found in the database.

However, if I select these emails in mail app and use the “Send to DEVONthink 3” menu item, they import. All this leads me to believe that there’s something wrong with the mail importer/archive.

Very disturbing!

DT 2 was far more robust. Never ever queried its efficacy.

The email importer in DEVONthink 3 is more robust than the one in 2.x.

The Share menu also uses a different mechanism than the importer.

Have you determined what emails caused the issue?

Yes, I’ve found the emails not imported in mail app, but the only connection is that they are emails received and sent today.

Are you copying these into other mailboxes?
If so, are you trying to archive those mailboxes?

I select the mailbox and hit archive. This has been my general practice.

Okay but… Are you copying the emails into other mailboxes?
If so, are you trying to archive those mailboxes?

Not sure I follow? These emails remain in the mailboxes that they are in in mail app. I’m not trying to duplicate them anywhere. The emails are only in one mailbox.

This means that there are already emails in the database with the same message ID. Is it possible that you receive emails having the same message ID? It should be unique but buggy email clients or mailing lists in the past caused this.

I’m using apple mail for all my email.

I have found the following can be replicated on my system.

  1. Archive all emails, from all accounts
  2. Any new emails that arrive that same day cannot be archived. Using the archive mailbox feature just gives the message that xxx previously imported, but the new emails are not imported nor in the database. They cannot be found by an email address search or a text search of the content of these emails.


I went to the import window in DT and the new emails were not in the folder they are in in the Mail app. However, once I closed the listing refreshed and when I then clicked on the folder the emails were there and they imported.

A couple of questions:

  1. Should one only import once the has been closed?
  2. Does DT lock the when in import mode so that new emails do not show up?

Does it work after refreshing the list of mailboxes or list of messages (see contextual menu of import interface)?

Yes! Didn’t realise that was there.

So it seems to be best practice to either close or refresh sources in the list before importing?

Yes, already retrieved information is cached to speed up the performance.

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