Not using DTP

its a little bit sad, but I am not using DTP.
I switched from Evernote to DTP because of the local saved database. I thought to get into DTP but it is “not possible”. I tried it several times and read the manual. But its too difficult, too long-winded to update with DTTG, to add and organize datas (several databases and inboxes, extra selection for synch).
I hope and wish to see a big step with the next update in GUI and synch and handling. If not I think I will switch back to Evernote with the hope that they will support encrypted clouding and/or a local database.

As a Devonthink user since 2003 (or about then) I sympathise. My 3rd gen iPad has become my portable computer, and suddenly Devonthink’s inadequate syncing is a real handicap compared to Evernote.

I’m sure the DT folks are painfully aware of this - especially if they use iPads themselves. I’m using Evernote as a stop-gap, but I’m hanging out for the DT syncing solution, which I’m sure will be clean, robust and good.

And then I’m going to start asking for all sorts of “Send To DTTG” hooks in the iPad. That’s the next bottleneck that DTTG has to get through to achieve digital greatness.

nice to read that i am not alone! :slight_smile: