Not yet a DTG user, and no Mac — any chance for direct web-to-DTG Evernote import?

Hi there!

I am curious about DTG but currently use Evernote. Like so many Evernote users, I’ve been disappointed with it lately but have a huge, multi-GB archive.

And no Mac.

Are there any plans or even hopes to make DEVONthink To Go able to import notes from the Evernote web/internet services, like some Evernote-connected apps can do? This would be a huge boost for us Macless users. (But I can see where Evernote would … discourage this, let’s say.)

And just as an aside, OneDrive support would be great, since everyone who has Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) has a 1 TB OneDrive as part of the package.



Welcome @JohnR

Sorry but no there are no current plans for such an integration. The request is noted.

The request about OneDrive is also noted but adding a sync service is not trivial, for development or support.

I understand. I’m sure Evernote doesn’t make it easy to get their data out, especially in perfect condition.

Remember that for every one Mac user, there are 10 or 20 Windows users, so this difficult capability could significantly increase migration from Evernote.

Could be a paid add-ion capability — a lot cheaper than buying a Mac.