Note capture from FireFox

I’m very disappointed by the inability of DEVONthink to take a note from within FireFox. I understand why this is, but it’s still frustrating. There are certain FireFox extensions that I can’t live without, and I want to have my cake and eat it to.

Isn’t there some way of scripting this or otherwise making it work? I used to use a snippet keeper called Znippetizer (and later, Znippetizer X) which allowed you to capture selected text from any application, without relying on services. Basically, the developer somehow scripted the copy/paste functions such that when you hit the magic key combination, it would grab the highlighted text and pop it into a plain text note within Znippetizer. Again, this worked with any application.

The point of the above is that, clearly, this can be done. I just have no idea how to do it. I’m willing to bet that if someone figured out how to script this, or if the DT developers somehow added this functionality, there would be a lot of happy FireFox/DT users out there.

Any suggestions?

Currently, my best idea for a workaround would be to revive Znippetizer X for capturing notes from FireFox, and then to periodically shuttle the notes over to DT. But that’s not terribly elegant, now is it?

The last time I checked this (a few weeks ago), Firefox wasn’t scriptable. But maybe this works:

  1. Open the groups panel (and turn off the “Hide groups panel when inactive” option)
  2. Switch to Firefox (the groups panel will float above all windows)
  3. Try to drag a selection to the groups panel