Note taking

I keep moving to other tools for taking notes, then back to DEVONthink to store them, both on OSX and iOS.

Yes, I do know that the tools exist on both platforms but they are not pleasant to use.

Please, please dedicate some UX time to developing the note taking capabilities - quick access to a plain ‘sheet of paper’ for distraction-free note taking and quick save for minimal disruption to work-flow, please.

The short-cut key is great on OSX - but the ‘note-pad’ is not a pleasant place to write as it is cramped and cluttered - iOS app is clumsy at best.

If you write a lot, then you can use markdown on both IOS and MAC.
It is also possible to create a stylesheet, so that your notes/text can get very nicely to read and share to anyone.

Hope that helps.