Note toolbar button

I’ve put the Note toolbar button on my toolbar. I can’t see that it does anything. Unlike the other buttons, it remains greyed-out regardless of context. Clicking on it never produces any result.

There are 4 capture tools for the toolbar, with a green down arrow in the lower-right corner of the icon. Each of these tools works on web documents-html, web archives, or web pages from bookmarks. They are inactive with any other type of document.

Thanks, Doug. I’ll have to check them out when I’m on the web in DEVONthink sometime. So far in my short career with DEVONthink that’s not been very often. I’ve gotten to the place now, in a very short time, where I can just work with DEVONthink, and let it grow on me. I don’t have to understand everything ahead of time. Besides, there is too much.

Greg changed his name to Doug? :smiley:

My apologies, Greg. :blush: