note widget

The devonthink note widget is great

but I have set a group that has state shown set. But when the widget adds a note it doesnt inherit the state shown setting. Is there a way to make it do that?


This seems to be a bug of DT Pro, not of the widget. But this will be fixed by v1.1.

What does “state shown” mean?

(Sorry this isn’t a tip or a trick but this seemes like a good place to ask the question.)


It’s not an inappropriate question. :slight_smile:

Open the Info panel for a document. Near the top, there’s an option (check/uncheck) to Show State. If that’s checked, the document name will now display a check box that can have one of two states, checked or unchecked. And one can search for the State of documents (Any, On, Off).

Users have made all sorts of uses of State. Example: In a To-Do list, one can check off completed tasks. And you can search/sort for uncompleted tasks.

Suggestion: Play with the State feature. You may find uses that suit your needs, as another way of adding metadata to your database contents.

Oh, that sounds good. The use that occurred to me immediately is marking a number of documents at different places in my database that are of particular interest to me right now, as a way to refind them all again quickly.