Notebooks for iPhone-What I hope for in Devonthink iPhone ap

I missed out on being a Devonthink iPhone app beta tester, so I dont know what kind of cool features you guys have in store, but I recently discovered how cool Notebooks is for the iPhone.

Anyone using Notebooks and Devonthink together?

Notebooks is a fine app.

On summer vacation I took my main DTP database with me on an iPod touch using Export>Files and Folders and imported the whole bunch to Notebooks.

Worked fine, but there were a few limits/downsides:

  • Links between files do not work
  • some file formats are not displayed (e.g. Mellel)-
  • the SyncDocs tool (which handles the import for Notebooks on the Mac side) had trouble with question marks in file names (this might be fixed by now)
  • you can only edit plain text files
  • search is slow on Notebooks if you have many files and folders
  • I found no reliable way to sync changes back to DTP. This was partly a SyncDocs problem again and partly due to the nature of a sync process via file/folder structure and DTP.

So I decided to use the database read only in Notebooks and put every change or addition into new notes and put those manually back into my DTP database (anyway: you won’t start big changes in a thousand files databases on your iPod touch while traveling).

Johannes (waiting for DevonTouch)