Notes differently displayed (dark/white background)

Hello folks, this is my first visit here and the search pane is a bit different from other forums, so I did not succeed finding a possibly already posted similar topic, so, sorry for eventual double post.

Could somebody explain why selected text that gets copied and pasted into DT3 is displayed as black text on white background whereas the same text dragged directly into the inbox keeps showing the dark background of the browser page ?

Where do you actually paste the text and in which app did you copy it?

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In order to keep the dark mode of the browser page I drag it from Brave browser to the files column of DT3 inbox and it shows up like in Brave whereas copy/paste.

It’s a bit tedious to do that and I’m thinking of possibly creating a macro to do it but haven’t had the time nor did I find the relevant actions to do so.

… whereas copy/paste does not (was my intention to say)

And where exactly did you paste, e.g. in what kind of document?

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I can shove the selection directly into the list of files/notes of the DT3 inbox

with other words: copying the text and clipping it with a Devon bookmarklet gives the same result as copying the selected text and inserting it from “Data>New with clipboard”.
Both would result in a white background

Both pasting and Data > New from Clipboard don’t modify data on its own, they just use the data provided by the source application. And in case of browsers it might not only depend on the app’s dark mode support but of course on the website too. Anyway, which version do you use? Already beta 4?

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yes, beta4

A screenshot of the selection in Brave and of the result in DEVONthink would be useful, thanks.

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will do so at once, thank you btw for your amazingly fast replies !! (will not always be possible, I think)

on inserting the 2 imgur links I get the error message ‘Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.’
How do I transfer else the 2 screenshots ?

You should be able to drag & drop the screenshots directly into your post.

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the first screenshot is, of course, the one from ‘Data>new from clipboard’

What kind of document did Data > New from Clipboard create (see e.g. Info inspector)?

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Hello Christian, thanks for all your efforts so far.
Prior to continuing this conversation, though, I have to investigate a little bit deeper because I detected some differences to first results and I don’t want to bother you until this has been cleared.
Sorry for the late reply but I was limited on the number of posts as a new member.
I’ll come back on you depending on new insight.