“notes from Evernote”Service unavailable, no response after click

“notes from Evernote”Service unavailable, no response after click.

Is it because I’m using the Chinese version of Evernote?The Name of the Chinese app is“印象笔记”。

A screenshot would be helpful as this doesn’t sound like an error message of DEVONthink.

No response after click.No response at all

Unfortunately, it is still unclear what exactly you tried or clicked. Could you please explain? Thank you very much!

file–>Import → Notes from Evernote

Do you use the legacy version of Evernote? This is required as the latest version doesn’t support AppleScript.

I’m using the latest version。 I need to download the legacy version of Evernote?

Chinese version of Evernote,version9.5.6

When you first use the import form Evernote, you would have been prompted to allow DEVONthink to control it…

This must be allowed and you can check in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation.

Also, Evernote may have to download data locally to do an import…

Otherwise, I’m seeing no issue importing an Evernote notebook into DEVONthink.

Thanks ~ I can import files after installing the legacy version of Evernote.

You’re welcome and glad to hear it! :slight_smile: