Notes in DTTG

I once again am not sure if I am missing something or not. When I take a note on my iPad in DTTG it is in text format only and will be saved in the Global Inbox. I then sync later to DT on my Mac and transfer the notes to the correct database/folder for permanent storage.

When I sync it back to DTTG, the note does not show up in the correct database/folder. To make it work I actually have to go into DT on my Mac, covert the text note to Rich Text format, then sync with DTTG. Then the note will show up in the correct database/folder.

Is this the actual process to make this work or am I missing something that makes it much easier to do?

just a bug. they’ll fix it. I’ve noticed other issues like the document appearing in DT or resyncing I think to dttg with its contents “(empty)”

Thanks, I won’t worry about it then.