Notes in PDFs - noob questions


Devonthink appears to be something that I can really use for my scholarly research, and I’m thrilled by that. However, I have a couple of very noobish questions. Please indulge me:

  1. When I place a note/comment in a the margins of a PDF, is there a way to jump to them immediately without having to scroll through the whole thing?

  2. When viewing file names in the main window, is there a way to annotate it beyond the “label” or “mark” options? I want to be able to see immediately whether or not I’ve annotated a PDF in the main window by adding a few words of text.

  3. I cannot seem to use the highlighter function in many of my PDFs. Is this because many of them are scanned books from Googlebooks or journal articles from Inter-library loan? In other words, does highlighting only work with Word-style documents printed and saved as PDFs?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Other options are Spotlight comments (see Info panel or optional Spotlight Comments column) and the annotation template (see Data > New From Template > Annotation)

Assuming that the PDF documents aren’t protected, then only text can be highlighted. Therefore PDFs containing only (scanned) bitmap graphics aren’t supported.

Thanks for your quick and helpful response. I’ve worked out how to use spotlight comments, but shame about not being able to toggle between notes in PDFs. For the future perhaps?

All best,

Perhaps :wink: Depending on feedback sooner or later.