Notes sync and move

I don’t know if this is expected behavior or not so I thought I would ask.

I have been using DTTG on and off today, been busy - not much time to test it out. I installed DTTG this morning before I left for work I did a sync and all worked perfect. During the day I took a few notes and moved a few pdf’s from GoodReader into DTTG, all went into the Global Inbox. I figured out that I can’t move the files out of the Inbox into the proper folders so I waited until I got home. I then did a full sync and all the Inbox files from DTTG were transferred over to DT on my Mac. I then moved all the files from the Inbox to their proper folders, both the pdf’s and the notes that were created in DTTG. I then did a sync again and all the pdf’s are now in the proper folders on DTTG but the notes were not. Also, all the original files are still in the Global Inbox on DTTG. What, if anything, am I doing wrong?

I just spent some time re-organizing DT and moved a bunch of things around. Then I did a sync and now all the problems that I had listed above in my previous post have corrected themselves. …

I really like DTTG, this is going to be great being able to have all my info on my iPad. And the sync, at least for me, is working seamlessly. (exceptions as noted above) Thanks Devontechnologies!

I have the same problem, but it does not correct itself.