Notes to Dropbox

What I would like to do is tag some documents in my main database, and then have these tagged documents available in Dropbox. They can be read only, but I would like them to be available on any device that I can use to access my Dropbox. I am not worried about instantaneous sync, a periodic manual update from my computer will suffice. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

Hi. I suppose you could "export as files and folders " and periodically overwrite them if you have updates to the files. Another way would be to put them into a folder in Dropbox and “index” them with DEVONthink.

When I made a smart folder and tried export, the folder on Dropbox was empty. But If I export click on the yellow tag folder (?) to works. So all is good.

Since the Smart Group is not a “real” group, there is nothing to export, unless you’ve selected items inside it. Just an FYI.

As Bluefrog mentioned, smart groups have some peculiarities. I believe you also cannot replicate them or get them to show up in mobile sync as well. For your use case, you could go inside the smart group, select everything (CMD + A) and export all of those into a Dropbox folder.