Nothing syncs

So I bought DEVONthink to go. I created a smart group: “EVERYTHING” in my Mobile Sync folder in DEVONthink Pro Office that matches everything (file size >= 0).

Then I sync with my IOS device. Nothing gets synced.

I create a file on my IOS device, then sync. Yes, it get synched back to my Mac.

Create a new file on my Mac. It gets into my EVERYTHING smart group. Synch again. Nothing uploaded to IOS. Only file is the one created on IOS.

Smart group sync has been a popular request, but they do not sync to DEVONthink to Go. You will need to select all the groups in your database and replicate them to the Sync group if you wish to sync the entire database.

Wow, that’s no good.

So how do you sync the inbox? It doesn’t seem to want to get added to mobile sync.

It is not possible to add the Inbox to the sync group. Sorry that I neglected to point that out earlier.