Notification or status of adding and item


When I add a web archive from Safari, there isn’t any confirmation that the item has been added. Growl support would be nice; or some notification that the item has been added.

Not coming to front would be great too.

If you’re using scripts (and not bookmarklets) to add items to DEVONthink, then it’s quite easy to modify the scripts, e.g. to play a sound…

I probably should use a Script. It seems like it’d be possible to verify the creation of a specific item like the web page I’ve archived?

Bookmarklets activate DEVONthink anyway and therefore there’s already some kind of confirmation (and in case somebody should ask - no, it’s not possible to disable the activation of DEVONthink as the sender of the URL, e.g. Safari, decides if the receiver of a URL should be activated).

Then I’ll try a script. I like that method anyway. Thanks.