Notification question

I have a scenario where I have some documents indexed in DevonThink pro Office and for various reasons I want to be notified if those documents have not been opened for a certain period of time. Is it possible to get Devonthink Pro Office to do this? The indexed documents are Omnioutliner documents in a folder that is automatically synced with my iPad and therefore can not be moved into DevonThink. My email client, (AirMail) can not be scripted to send me an email. Thanks for any help.

Thanks Korm. this is basically what I did first of all but as Hazel will only operate on the fist rule in a folder that matches and I need to identify individual documents if they are not opened it does not quite do what I need :frowning:

Works here just fine. But I removed the suggestion because it was useless.

Belay that! Now works fine here also :slight_smile: I think the non-working must be down to the “flaky” nature of Apple’s keeping up with time that passes. Thanks Korm for your help.