Now I'm In A Bit of a Mess...

Playing with DTPO and my new ScanSnap I got giddy with excitement at the brilliance of the software and the hardware, and scanned loads of documents into various disparate databases. The bottom line is I now have a large number of scanned documents and a number of different databases (“Test”, “Consolidated” etc. etc.) but now I am unsure what is where so I want to set up one new consolidated database.

My main concern is ensuring that I have all my documents available but if possible I’d like to avoid too many duplicate documents in the database. Is my best option to set up a new database and re-import all the OCRd documents or some other method? If I re-import everything how can I detect and delete duplicate instances of documents?

Come on Mr DeVille I know you can help me! :smiley:

Generally the scanned documents should have been placed into the Inbox folders of your databases. I would recommend setting up a fresh database, go through all the Inboxes of your various databases and move all scans to the new ‘collection database’. From there you can appropriately file them to their final locations. Please note that moving a file from one database to the other actually copies it. Duplicates are automatically marked in blue.

Great, sounds like you guys have thought of everything. It will be a great help knowing that Duplicates will automatically be detected as I can just copy all my documents into the new consolidated database and weed through the duplicates.

Thanks for your help Eric.