Number of lines in search results (PDF)


I’m using DevonThinks (version 3.8.6, on macOS) search engine for researching scientific concepts across several PDFs. The results panel on the right shows a short excerpt from every PDF where the search term is found. It is the same, if I search within a single PDF. As I understand it, every entry in the results panel consists of exactly one line in the PDF. I was wondering if there is a way to increase this excerpt to 3 (including one line before and one line after the search term) or 5 lines? That would make it way easier to quickly grasps the context of the search term.

Hopefully someone has an idea? Cheers,

Actually the layout of the PDF document doesn’t matter, in case of most documents the enclosing sentence is used (and in some cases the paragraph).

Thanks for your quick reply Christian! Is it possible to include the preceding and the following sentence? Thanks for your efforts, Tino

p.s.: It seems to me that at least for PDFs it is one line of the PDF. I’ve tried 5 different ones and it is the same for all of them. I’ve attached a screenshot.

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That’s not possible currently but maybe in a future release.

What’s selected in Preferences > Editing?

+1! Customizing this from the Preferences would be awesome!

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In Preferences → Editing, “paragraphs” (Absätze) was selected. However, changing it to “sentences” (Sätze), closing DevonThink via Apple-Q & restarting does not change the excerpts, they are still exactly one line of the PDF.