Numbered list with check boxes

In Evernote, I used numbered lists with checkboxes extensively. Is there a way to do this in DEVONthink? I know there is the strikethrough but that will not work for me.

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Welcome @TylerDevon

No, this is not currently supported. No promises, but the request is noted.


+1 from me, too, for this feature request!

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What kind of file format do you use?

@cgrunenberg – didn’t see this, sorry, and not sure if you were asking me or the OP. But FWIW: having only recently started with DT, I have settled on RTF for notes.

I have meanwhile come up with a solution that’s giving me what I need, for now (Task Lists W/ Checkboxes - #32 by dayknito), but certainly would love and would prefer to have real numbered list checkboxes in RTF! I realize of course this may be low on development priorities.