Numbering projects


Does somebody knwo an approach to automatically create a consecutive numbering new projects in a database? I’ld like to have a counter which increases by 1 when I create a new project in the database. And I want to mark or tag or whatelse these number to the respective project.

Finally, the project number should consist of the consecutiv number in format 0000, the last two digits of the year, when the project was created and the editors shortcut, e.g. 0123-13-FV.

Does somenbody has an idea?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Friedrich

Scripting - potentially in Automator, if desired.

It wouldn’t be incredibly difficult to do. The biggest hurdle is whether to have a copy per editor’s machine (UGH! Not an elegant approach) or how to determine what machine / editor is working on it.

Sigh. I’n not really experienced in scripting - least of all for DTPO.

In fact, only the number and the two digits of the calendar year must be set automatically. The shortcut of the owner/editor of the project/file will be set manually by the chief of the office.

Thanks for your ideas.

Kind regards, Friedrich

This problem is also a candidate for a Keyboard Maestro macro.

I’ld like to get it automatically: Each time, when I create a new project, should appear a window not only asking for the name of the project, but also presenting the current number of the project and asking for the editor’s shortcut. And the presented number should be subject to change, in case, one adds an existing older project to the database.

A way to implement this could be, to define a new item: New Numbered Project.

Kind regards, Friedrich

That already is the case, when you create a new project ( > menu bar > data > new from template > project).

Now, when you are willing to type the abbreviation for the owner, you could just as well instead type the shortcut to make ‘Typinator’ expand the case reference number giving you the increased newest number, the date and the abbreviation for the owner in one formula.

(For other readers: I recommended Typinator to Friedrich on the german board as it features counting and it can call the same counter in different expansions matching different owners’ abbreviations as well as it can give the desired formula presenting an input field to type in the owners abbreviation.

If you would make the case reference number part of the file name, you’d be there already. The new-project window asks you for the project name and it’s one abbreviation to type anyway.

If you’d make the case reference number a tag or a spotlight comment, well yes, it would be one step more to do. But have you yet decided, if the case reference number should be a tag or a comment? And how many cases do you typically create that automation is needed for assigning a tag, when you have to type the projects name anyway and want to type the owner’s abbreviation also? (Just thinking, not asking.)

When you are adding existing older projects to the database, you should stay away from using the automated solution you are asking for, because the case reference number would be increased + 1 every time and you already want to use this counted number for new projects.

Or are you asking for an automated solution that presents you not only the newest number, but also let’s you overwrite it and in case you overwrite it, also set’s back the count -1, so that the already generated new number will be offered again for the next numbered project?