nvALT see also

I am wondering whether it’s possible to have devonsphere perform see also on a file I am viewing in nvALT. Right now it does not look like devonsphere is paying attention to anything going on in nvALT. A pretty painless work around is opening the file in sublime text (which devonsphere does pay attention to) via a shortcut, but it would be pretty cool if devonsphere worked directly with nvALT. But maybe it does and I am missing something in the settings?

nvAlt documents are usually .md or .markdown, or .txt, or .rtf – all of which DEOVNsphere can find if configured. There is no proprietary file format for nvAlt, AFAIK. Have you somehow excluded your nvAlt doucment folder from DEVONsphere? These types of documents will open in nvAlt by default if your computer is configured that way using, for example, the Open With settings in Finder’s Get info.

Thank you, Korm. I have not excluded my nvalt folder. If I open a text file from my nvalt folder in sublime text, devonsphere sees it. If I have the same file open in nvalt, devonsphere just shows “Drop a document to find related items…”. I tried changing nvalt to be the default program for .txt, but that did not seem to make a difference (I’d want to keep sublime as the default anyway).

I cannot seem to get any files open in nvalt to show. I tried plain notational velocity as well and got the same result. I suspect it has something to do with how nv/nvalt display files. If you, or someone else, wanted to try on your end I’d be interested to see if you get the same result.

Anyway, not a big deal as I can open any file I want devonsphere to look at with sublime text using a quick shortcut in nvalt, but if it’s possible to get it working in nvalt that would be great. Thanks for your help!

Perhaps nvAlt would need adding to this list

according to a posting this week on Brett Terpstra’s blog, nvAlt is being rewritten – so maybe the next (commercial) release will be supported by DEVONsphere

Definitely looking forward to seeing what Terpstra comes up with! Thank you for looking into it.