NWP .doc versus .rtf

I have discovered a curious feature of Nisus Writer Pro (NWP) files, which does not seem to have been mentioned yet on this forum (as far as I can tell).

When I save a NWP file in the format it prefers, RTF, then add it to a DevonThink database (synch’d), it shows up as a zero-length file and its contents are not available.

However, if I use NWP to save the same file in Word (.doc) format, after synch’ing its contents are available within the database.

Seems counter-intuitive to me… any comments or suggestions?

– John M.

Although Nisus Writer uses the extension “.rtf” for its files, it’s a different flavor of rich text. It uses some text management code that is a superset of Apple’s Cocoa rich text, so cannot be ‘correctly’ read by TextEdit. DEVONthink’s text editor uses Cocoa text routines, like TextEdit.

On the other hand, Apple has provided TextEdit with the ability to look inside a Word .doc file and read the text content into a rich text file.

So there you have it. :slight_smile: