Obsidian Markdown formatting

I wanted to test using DT w/ Obsidian. I converted a plain text doc I was working on to Markdown, moved it to my Obisidan folder, but when opened in Obsidian, “(Alt: Google Drive)” turned into (Alt: Google Drive)

Is there a setting somewhere that can fix this or is this a known inconsistency?



It is not clear to me what you are describing. Do you mean it took the quotes out of the filename? If so, I recommend removing it from the filename anyway. Some characters must be avoided at all cost in filenames and double quotes is one of them.

hi… sorry, somehow my text changed on upload to the forum…

I dont mean filename…but the actual text in the file…there is no quotes…

I wrote in the body of my doc: (Alt: Google Drive)

and it shows up in obsidian like this screenshot:

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 23.50.27

Did you look at the Markdown document in DEVONthink?

the markdown document looks fine in devonthink, but I thought maybe it’s translating something differently than obsidian… I converted from RTF to Markdown, put it in my obsidian folder and looked at it there.

Look at the source, not the rendered view.

It wasn’t Obsidian but DEVONthink that changed the text …

DEVONthink has a (new) feature that automatically escapes RTF when pasted into or converted to Markdown. That’s where the unwanted escape characters in your record are coming from.

If you don’t want automatic escaping you have to use menu Edit > Paste and Match Style.

@cgrunenberg don’t know whether you have seen my edit in the other thread. Automatic conversion should really be optional.

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