Obtain a User’s IP address?

I have a few people accessing their DT3 databases via WebDAV on a Synology box. Is there any logging in place that will capture the IP address of a given user?

Synching with WebDAV, or are the DEVONthink databases on the WebDAV server? If the latter, then it is surprising it works. DEVONthink databases should only be on local machines.

The IP logging (and UserID) is probably available from the WebDAV server. Check with the people who run it or the documentation if you are running it.

There might be something in DEVONthink, but I’ve never heard of it or run across it.

Yes, can you clarify what the people are actually doing?

Hi I’m,

I have a need to determine who (I’m pretty sure I know this) accessed some data, when and most importantly from where (the IP will tremendously help with this).

The data is being synchronized via WebDAV, and it would be great to know the IP of the most recent syncs.


That would be contained in your WebDAV server’s logs. If it is turned on. But I’m not convinced that sync time corresponds directly to “access” time. If someone is only reading (which “access” implies) data, that would (or should) not trigger a sync.

IP information wouldn’t be in the sync logs.
As @chrillek noted, it may be in the WebServer logs.