Obtaining keywords from group of documents

At the end of a search, DevonAgent provides this neat list of topics/keywords it found and also displays this in the form of an interactive diagram.

DTPRO supposedly (assumption?) has this keyword-engine also which kicks in if you execute a search. It does not expose keywords though. Is there a way to highlight a document or preferably a group of documents and extract the relevant keywords from these? I am just looking for a list, not a DA-like diagram (although that would be cool)

I poked through DTPRO’s menus and exposed apple script functions but didn’t see anything applicable.

There is a word list as shown in the screenshot (noting it won’t be available for all files or in all views. This is in Three Pane view.)

Also, you could look at Tools > Concordance for some interesting info.

And two buttons over is the Keywords. Check that out too.

Thanks BlueFrog, but these show me all the words, not the condensed version of the more important ones DA shows. The concordance might be interesting if I could limited it to a single doc or group of documents and better ways to massage the list than by word length alone.

Oh well…

You can sort by Frequency as well.

It’s possible to write a script to make a concordance for a selection of groups and/or documents. I have one I use for myself – I’d have to make it generic before posting it, it the effort is worthwhile.

Can I be the first to vote for this? But I am very aware that it is prevailing on your very good offices so my grateful thanks if you feel that you could find time. :slight_smile:

Second vote from me! Would really like such script and thank you in advance if you can find the time do create it for us…

Third vote! Would really appreciate any work on this script, and I can already think of applications as a teacher.

See a suggested solution at