Occurrences as one of the search colums

Could we have occurrences as one of the values per file for the search results. The hits do not correspond to this and the only location where to find this is in the right column (see image) and it would be handy to both know directly from the search results how many occurrences were found as well as sort based on this to find the file with most of those. I guess score also reflects this but a number is always more understandable.

See screenshot. Thx, Kent

The score is based on several factors, e.g. occurrences, frequency of words, length of text etc. However, currently the search engine doesn’t calculate the exact number of occurrences as this would slow down things (e.g. in case of proximity operators) but maybe a future version will do this.

Ok thanks for the explanation. As I saw the occurrences value in the rightmost pane (see screenshot) I thought the same number could be also shown in the list of files with hits found.

The highlights, summaries and hits are retrieved after selecting a document, this can be actually slower than searching.