OCR and update

After updating, and looking over the manual, I found this:

“At the first run after installing this release, DEVONthink Pro Office will ask you to download the large ABBYY language files that are not part of the main application. This saves download time for future updates. The language files will only require you to re-download them when they have
been updated by ABBYY.”

That action didn’t happen. Have I done something wrong? How do I invoke the download?

Also, does DTPO automatically recognize the ScanSnap S300M?

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  1. The first time DT Pro Office is launched after installation on your computer, the Install Add-ons procedure will run. The ABBYY OCR software will be installed. As this is a large download, this may require some time.

If you are not certain the ABBYY software has been installed, press Help > Install Add-ons. If there’s a CHECK mark in the box for the ABBYY FineReader OCR, the ABBYY software has not been installed. Run Install Add-ons.

  1. No, DTPO doesn’t recognize the ScanSnap S300M. Instead, Interoperability between the scanner and DTPO is performed by the ScanSnap Manager software. Configure the Settings of ScanSnap Manager to send scanner output to DEVONthink Pro 2 (browse for the application and choose it). Configure the other settings in ScanSnap Manager as you wish. (But do not choose ‘Inbox’ in the Finder as the location into which scan output is saved.)

Now place paper copy into the ScanSnap’s feeder and press the Scan button on the scanner. Scan output will be sent to DTPO, OCR will be performed and a searchable PDF will be saved.

I’ve used a first-generation ScanSnap for Mac since 2005 and have been delighted with it. It has helped me transform thousands of pages of paper into searchable PDFs in my DTPO databases and is always a pleasure to use.

Is there a link to directly download the FineReader engine & languages instead of having to go through DEVONthink? Because it is a big download, I would prefer to download it using my download manager and not having to redownload it every time I reinstall DEVONthink.


The ABBYY OCR module does not need to be downloaded each time you reinstall DEVONthink. Once installed on your computer, it will rarely need to be modified.

Is there a link to directly download the FineReader engine & languages instead of having to go through DEVONthink?