OCR Batch mode!!!


OCR is not suitable for scanning multiple batches of documents, this really needs to be changed.

When I’m scanning many documents with a ScanSnap, OCR will only proceed to the next document after the document name has been entered and/or the “save” button has been pressed. Unfortunately, this causes the whole process to take hours, with manual user interaction at random times during the process.

Can you please change this behavior such that OCR continues regardless of user response to the dialogs. The names can be changed later. Sometimes the names are not relevant and auto naming is just fine, a preference setting for this would also do the trick.

Best, Stephan

Is the option Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF > Set Attributes disabled?

I disabled it now … thanks!

Until recently I had used Adobe Acrobat in batch mode. It seemed much faster. I will try the new setting as soon as I have enough mail to scan!