OCR Bug?

I converted separately (not batch) 3 PDFs to searchable PDFs which I scanned before with Beta Vers.2. During the first conversion I recognized the OCR status window, showing what currently happening.

During the next two conversions I had no status windows and was not sure if the conversion really started - however, after some time the files were converted and available. Where was the status window during the conversion…?

Window/bring all to front, did als not show anything.

Choose Window > OCR activity. As OCR is a background process, you may not want the status window up front all the time.


thank you! I did not recognize this option.

Suddenly, I lost my capacity to re-OCR PDF files in my DTP. Is this a bug? What can I do to regain it? Thanks.

Do you use DEVONthink Pro or DEVONthink Pro Office? Only the DEVONthink Pro Office supports OCR.