OCR Completed Filename Window Question


I’ve got a quick and possibly a very simple question regarding the behaviour of DEVONthink when scanning in a document and having the document OCR’d and then put into an inbox within a database.

The process goes like this:

  1. Documents are scanned.
  2. The “scanned files” are added to Devonthink’s OCR queue.
  3. Devonthink’s OCR activity window pops up showing me how many pages have been processed by the current queue and how many more files need to be processed.
  4. After the OCR is complete, I get another window that asks for a filename (the window also allows you to add tags, comments and other stuff).
  5. The file appears in the inbox.

The question is, is there a setting or method to have the window that appears in step 4 just automatically use the default filename instead of prompting me for a filename?

Thanks for any assistance. :slight_smile:

Step 4 is the one that I eliminate, as it halts the queue of scans to be processed until I respond.

In Preferences > OCR uncheck the option to add metadata after OCR. The queue of scans can then proceed without interruption.

The searchable PDFs added to the database will be assigned Names as designated by the user. For example, I’ve set ScanSnap Manager to assign the Names of scanner output files in the format, YYYMMDDTIME. Thus, every new PDF wii have a unique, sortable Name.

I find it much more convenient to rename the files after they are in the database. In many cases, the searchable PDF will contain a text string that would be an appropriate Name. Select that string, press the keyboard shortcut ‘Control-Command-I’ and the document has a new Name.

Great, thanks for the help it works perfectly!!! :slight_smile: