OCR Degredation

Unfortunately, the OCR is unusable for me at the moment. The PDF quality degrades immensely after an OCR, no matter the settings. If I OCR the same file in Acrobat Pro, the quality appears untouched. If I scan a document in my ix500 directly into DEVONthink, the quality also appears untouched. If I OCR a PDF already in DEVONthink, letters look jagged rather than smooth. This issue seems to have popped up in the last couple weeks. Unknown what it’s related to.

Welcome @ADavis724

Acrobat and DEVONthink results shouldn’t be directly compared as they are not using rhe same OCR engine.

Are you running an Intel or Apple Silicon Mac?


There will be an option to use the original page image in the next maintenance release. It will only be available for Apple Silicon Macs at the moment.


Do you know when that release is coming? It’s a big deal for me where I need to use original documents in court.

Sorry but we don’t give out public timeframes on releases.
I’d suggest you do OCR in Acrobat for the time being, if the results are satisfactory to you.