OCR existing (imported) PDFs, Jpegs etc? (DTP and DTPO)

I am a new student user of DTP. I am using, for my dissertation, a large amount of archival material which has been scanned into jpegs by various institutions and archives at my request. I have imported said images and PDFs into my database. I was wondering if there was any way for me to OCR these files (especially the images) rapidly.

I own a copy of Acrobat X (Pro) from my school, which could help with OCR, but I don’t think there is a single click solution for this method, since it would involve re-importing a lot of files. I was wondering if switching to DTPO would change this in any way? Would I be able to do a one-click OCR (and related jpeg>PDF conversion) of all my imports? Ideally this would also retain the tags associated with the images.

I understand this is a highly specific request, but perhaps someone has a workaround. I don’t think purchasing DTPO from the start (before importing) would have changed much, but that’s a lost opportunity. I am hesitant to spend the $53 (student) upgrade fee, since I am not sure if this will work and I would like to maintain some limit on my spending!

Thanks :confused:

It would

It can

It will.

Install the trial.