OCR, Export and Delete Automator Action

Hi, I have some problems with an automator workflow that should: get a file in finder, make ocr, export to a folder (outside DT) and delete the record created in DT. I don’t understand how to use the “delete record” action.
The workflow is the following:

  1. OCR Items
  2. Export Records
  3. Delete Records
    What I get is an error (something like “the action had not enough data”, sorry italian localization…): I guess that between 2 and 3 should go another action (get items? get records?) but don’t understand what action)

(I know apparently it doesn’t make much sense but in this case I need DT only to ocr, then I have to pass the pdf to Sente…) :confused:


Seems like a lot of fussing and debugging to do what DEVONthink could already do if you just index a folder full of these documents, select them all, and Data > Convert > to Searchable PDF? Since they would be indexed, then there’s nothing to remove from the database except delete the group and empty the trash.

That’s a good point korm :confused: !
It’s just that I liked to have it automatically done but…my way sounds very awkward I must admit :smiley: