OCR failed for document

I’ve created a Rule that “Converts → to Searchable PDF” every PDF that I have, that’s not already searchable. The Rule is working like a charm, expect when it hits documents that it can’t convert; Index of page collection is out of bounds. I believe that I understand why this is happening, as the PDFs are quite long. My question is how to I prevent DT3 from re-attempting to Convert the PDF that I know can’t be converted? Can I tell DT3 to “leave this document alone”, and not attempt another conversion?

You could add a tag such as “noOCR” to the records and include tag is not noOCR in your rule.

Other than with a script, I see no way of automating that procedure. If it’s not too many PDFs, manually tagging them will be the way to go.

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@Blanc, that’s a good idea, and easily done. Thanks.

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