OCR failed to work

Hi all,
using a M2 MacBook Air today, amidst working with DT 3, OCR quitted working, before this… no problems. Besides this determination of duplicates failed to detect duplicates some obviously different files were identified as duplicates. I tried:

  • Restart DT 3
  • Restart Mac
  • Deleted “Abby”-folder in …/library/application support/DevonThink 3

nothing made OCR work again. Any suggestions strongly appreciated …
Greets from actually Kassel / Germany


Is anything logged to Window > Log?

Yes, the protocol tells me that it is not possible to generate the PDF.

Which version of macOS and of DEVONthink do you use?

MacOS 13.2.1 DTPro 3.9, both should be up to date

And did you apply OCR to a scan? What kind of scanner do you use in this case?

It’s not my PDF, I got them from another person. This seems to be a (the?) problem. When I open the PDF and “print” it to pdf then, with the newly generated pdf, OCR works fine. But the. problem with different files recognized as duplicates persists.

Is the strict recognition of duplicates enabled in Preferences > General > General?

Yes, strict recognition is on. It seems as if the problem came when OCR yesterday quitted working. The two files (WORD documents) have the same size in DT database. I spend one and closed it again - after this the sizes differ and thee files are no longer recognized as duplicates.
Another workaround for the PDF and OCR: right-click and “save as paginate PDF” with OCR as second step works.
Thanks for the fast response!

Can you ZIP the PDF and attach it to a support ticket ?