OCR fails from scan import in Catalina

Hahaha! I don’t understand your message. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting with trepidation for the pronouncement from @aedwards

If it’s working with the version you have currently installed, you can proceed until he has a chance to chime in.

That’s just it: it’s not working with the version I currently have installed. I didn’t want to go juggling component parts around if the cause is more obviously due to some other reason (which I guess it must be).

I’ll presume you meant, try installing the older version of the ABBYY DTOCRHelper application as a stopgap workaround, which I guess I’ll do.

Using version 1.1.2 in place of version 1.1.13 didn’t work anyway. Perhaps that older version wasn’t old enough, but it’s all I have.

It’s strange: the exact same problem is apparent on my MacBook Pro.

Oh well, we await @aedwards

What wasn’t working in 1.1.13? If the issue is that you cannot select the text after OCR can you provide a sample file that exhibits this problem.

I reinstalled the most recent version ABBYY DTOCRHelper (version 1.1.13), since trying the old one didn’t work. Rebooted.

Tried again just now.

Scanned in an A4 page of normal text, opting for OCR of course.

But the OCR is not working properly - you cannot select text in the resultant PDF.

Oddly, you can search for words that you know are there, and they will be listed as found, as occurrences in the inspector on the right; though if you click on an occurrence in that inspector/sidebar, the words aren’t highlighted. And more to the point, as I say, none of the text can be selected.

It’s as if there’s an invisible layer over the PDF that stops you from selecting text.

How should I send you the PDF that I just created (and tried to OCR)?

Could you send me a copy of the file where you cannot select the text

Yes. How?

Have sent the file in a message to you.