OCR fails on nonsense filename

I have set DevonThink to automatically OCR scanned documents. I have just scanned one document where the first page was handwritten which resulted in a filename with nonsense and including special characters. On that file, the OCR failed with an error message to the result that the file could not be opened or found (unfortunately I do not really recall). It also failed with the same error when I asked it manually to do OCR.

Then I renamed the file (via Get Info), and with a more sensible filename it worked. So it was really the filename that was the issue.

Here is the filename


A fix for this will be in the next update of DEVONthink.

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Ah, more Klingon-Welsh.

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I guess that the CHANGELOG entry in today’s update regarding OCR picking up file names refers to this bug. So I expect it to be fixed (cannot test since triggering it requires scanning a document where the OCR picks up special characters). Thanks a lot!