OCR file naming conventions

I just upgraded to DT Office Pro 2.3.5. The information on the upgrade says that this version fixes a problem with retaining original file names when using OCR but I have found the opposite. Before, if I batch processed jpg files named fname1.jpg, fname2.jpg etc, the converted files became, very sensibly, fname1.pdf, fname2.pdf, etc but now I find the jpg suffix is retained, resulting in the creation of two files with the same name.

I know I can still sort by filetype (so I can delete the old jpg files) even though all the files have the same suffix, but the old system seemed so much better and less likely to result in error than a system where the new files have exactly the same name as the old ones.

Batch processing of JPG files is one of the main things I do with DT, so this change will annoy me a lot. I am curious as to the reason for what seems a retrograde step.

Actually all versions except 2.3.4 have been working that way. However, we might again revise this depending on further feedback.