OCR files in their original location

Good Morning.

When I OCR an indexed PDF file, so the original file remains unchanged in its original location. DTPO creates an OCRed copy/duplicate of the file in the database and removes the »indexed file« in the trash bin of DTPO.

This is the expected/normal behaviour of DTPO.

But I want DTPO in case of OCRing indexed files to keep the original file on its original location in the file system and to create the OCRed file as a copy of it at the same location but extend the filename of the OCRed copy by _OCR.

How can I achieve such a behaviour?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

One possibility might be to move the OCRed files to the external folder (see contextual/action menu commands “Move to external folder”/“In externen Ordner verschieben”) on your own. To create copies just disable the option to move the original to the trash (see Preferenes > OCR).