OCR goes through process, but pdf doesn't change

I tried to OCR a pdf. It went through the process but remained pdf, not pdf + Text.

What am I doing wrong?

Update: Well, I guess it actually worked. But I had to go completely out of DT3 and back in to get it to change and get it to load properly as searchable pdf. – Ray

This seems to be related to the issue I raised here: DT 3.5.1 not recognizing text layer. It seems as though under certain (undefined) circumstances, a document with an OCR text layer is not recognized as PDF+text. You can move it between the finder and DT3, (and sometimes between DT3 groups/databases) and when it comes back it will be properly recognized. Perhaps @BLUEFROG can shed more light on what’s happening and/or how to fix.

Depending on the size of the PDF, which isn’t shown in the screen captures, the indexing might not have been done yet.