OCR in a sorter folder

I use the sorter often to insert files into a highly active group. Is there a way to ensure the group represented in the sorter does OCR automatically on pdf files?

Groups cannot be configured to automatically make DEVONthink OCR documents. (“Automatically” in the sense of unattended; without intervention.) However, a triggered script could be attached to your group that would cause DEVONthink to kick off OCR for non-OCR’d documents in that group. This isn’t a very satisfactory solution, frankly.

Instead, you might want to create a folder in the file system, and assign the “Import, OCR, and delete” folder action to that folder. Folder actions are installed in the DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons… menu and configured using OS X’s Folder Actions Setup app.

OK thanks Korm for your reply. I guess the system folder option is best but makes the import function 2 step.